Refund Policy

[Handling method of returned goods]
As a general rule, we will not accept exchanges or returns of products.
However, as an exception, if the product is initially defective, we will accept exchanges and returns if the product arrives with a different image, a different size, or a different order. Please check the following for the conditions of return.
The return deadline shall be notified to our shop if you contact us within 7 days after the item arrives.

[Target that cannot be exchanged or returned]
・ Customers' convenience, differences in image, etc. ・ If the product is returned without prior notice ・ Products with concerns about hygiene such as masks and undershorts ・ Products after wearing ・ Tags and tags have been removed・ Items that have wrinkles, stains, or odors after the item arrives ・ Items that have been washed, cleaned, hemmed, repaired, etc. by the customer ・ If the package is damaged ・ Items that come into direct contact with the skin such as swimwear and innerwear・ Items with odors such as tobacco and perfume attached due to fitting, etc. ・ Items that the customer has scratched or soiled the product or outer box ・ Others, after confirmation at the time of arrival at our company, the feeling of use is clear Items that are judged to be available-Discount items such as set items and sale items-Exchanges for other items * Exchanges for the same items, or refunds if out of stock.
* Return method (only when the product is defective or incorrect)

Please contact us first.
Please return it as it was delivered (includes the bag, case, tag attached to the product, etc.).
* Please be sure to keep a copy of the delivery slip until the procedure is completed.

[About product defects]
・ The logo has come off after washing several times. ・ Can it be repaired?

⇨ Please contact us once using LINE @ or the inquiry form.

・ When I tried to wear it, it was torn. ・ After wearing it, it was torn when I washed it.
⇨ It is difficult to determine at what stage it was torn, so
When you receive it, please inspect the product first.
We cannot exchange or return the product without the tag or if it cannot be regarded as an initial defect.

[Return / Exchange of non-defective products]
・ I bought it by mistake.
・ The color was different from the image.
・ The size was different from the image. ・ The size did not match. ・ The size was wrong.
・ The shape and design were different from the image.
If you wish to exchange or return for the above reasons,
We will only accept shipping charges if you accept it.
* For the convenience of the customer, the product will be returned to the customer by payment (Yamato Transport).
Please note.

We do not accept changes to the same type, size, or different colors.
In the case of returns, we will refund or issue the same amount of coupon that can be used from the next time onwards according to the customer's payment method.
Please contact us using the inquiry form or LINE @.

● Refund
We will refund the returned product within 7 business days after confirming the arrival of the returned product according to the customer's payment method.
[Refund for customers who choose convenience store payment or cash on delivery as payment]
Due to the system, customers who choose the above payment will be refunded as a coupon issued for the same amount that can be used at this online store.

Please be sure to enter your order number and name when making inquiries.