About sports bra size

*Since it is elastic, the underbust will stretch to some extent.
*This table is just a guide, so the size may vary depending on the customer.

How to wear a sports bra correctly [We recommend wearing it from the bottom]
Lifting from the bottom to the top will make it easier to fit under your chest.

Also, it is said that you should wear it with the normal braha position tilted forward,
Sports bras do not gather or lift.

If you press your chest closer together, it will make it easier to sway, so try to wear it naturally while standing in a normal position.

If you purchase online, you can also exchange the size.
When you receive the item, please try it on without removing the tag.
Wear it and move around to check the fit.
Please note that size exchanges are not available for customers who have tried the item on in-store before purchasing it.

If you feel uncomfortable with the size, please contact us via LINE@ .